04 Aug 2015
Bollard maze and stepping blocks

Located in Swan Hill in Northern Victoria, this impressive ‘all-abilities’ playground is special in that it not only caters to a variety of ages, but also by anyone with limited or severe mobility issues, making it one of the few playgrounds in Victoria that has play equipment that can be accessed by wheelchair. A huge variety of visual, auditory and tactile features help create an exciting play area that is suitable for people young and old and excites all the senses. A big use of colour, such as coloured bricks and poles will initially attract and excite you. A variety of sound features such as deck gongs, wind chimes, voice tubes and bells and spinners will get your vocal chords and ears working. Hands-on features such as large ropes, as well as vertical and horizontal abacuses will stimulate both the mind and body. A mixture of concrete paving, sleeper paving and pebbles provide a variety of textures to experience. The playground incorporates several artworks, including a timber Murray River Cod figurehead and ceramic art under the paddle steamer. River bed creatures can be viewed through port holes in the steamer’s deck. These features help promote the uniqueness of the Swan Hill area and help tie the playground to the local history and wildlife. The playground was designed with safety first and foremost, and the inclusion of shade sails and large trees ensure it can be enjoyed year round. This also includes areas of lawn that are irrigated to provide a cooling effect during the harsher months. In line with our water efficient philosophy, the lawn sprinkler system and garden bed dripper system are fed by water pumped from a local lake and all water is reused.

03 Aug 2015
Lake Dalesford Wombat Flat Mineral Springs

Ian Evans Creative Landscapes has been working with Hepburn Shire and Parks Victoria through various projects to help revitalise the mineral spring water outlets. This involved the installation of several hand pumps and bore pumps, as well as large amounts of rock and stonework to highlight these areas and allow easy accessibility. Much of this stone and rockwork incorporated historical landscape structures, helping blend in the man-made with the surrounding nature. In an effort to use as locally sourced materials as possible, specially selected Castlemaine slate paving was used in these areas. The installation of a custom made pumps and piping system ensures that all water being pumped is 100% pure Natural Spring Water.

03 Aug 2015
Pyrenees Slate paving Bendigo Chinese Gardens

Ian Evans Creative Landscapes, a Bendigo Landscaping & Garden Design/Construction company, have successfully completed many landscape projects for Commercial, Government and Local Government departments in Central Victoria. These projects sometimes required a high level of ingenuity to construct them to an excellent standard and in doing so achieving the designer’s vision.

03 Aug 2015
Halls Gap - Commercial Landscaping Project by Ian Evans Creative Landscapes

The landscape design of the Brambuk Cultural Centre in Hall’s Gap was inspired by both function and the local topography. The most striking feature of the area is without doubt the extensive rammed earth walls, which serve several purposes. Apart from providing areas for sign bases to be mounted, the design of the walls, especially their juxtaposing angles and positioning, is meant to echo the nearby cliffs and mountains. Rammed earth is also used to create the seat bases around the area. A very large water feature is another impressive aspect of the centre, which is creek fed and also incorporates reed beds, interconnecting ponds and a spillway. The centre also features a sizeable gravel meeting area and a multi-colour exposed aggregate concrete fore-court. To create interesting contrasts in colour and texture, many different materials were used in the making of the area, including individually designed steel and aluminium backlit screens on rammed earth bases, stone steps, as well as exposed aggregate concrete planter boxes. In our effort to create sustainable and low-impact garden, over 200 tonnes of on-site rock was used, rather than shipping in rocks in from other areas. As well, decking, seating and screens where constructed from recycled timber. The creation of extensive walking tracks around the cultural centre allows for visitors to spend time exploring the terrain and experiencing the local wildlife.