08 Sep 2015
Large Granite torrs framed with pink River stone

The awe-inspiring use of stone in this magnificent landscaped entertainment area creates a setting for year round outdoor living. A large cantilevered umbrella can be repositioned to provide shade during the warmer central Victorian months, whilst in the cooler weather the open fire provides a warm and cosy atmosphere. The pizza oven beckons family and friends to enjoy many fun loving days of relaxation and participation. The large granite slabs were sourced from an abandoned quarry igniting the creativity to piece together this structure and along with the hand selected river stones create a generally bespoke feature to this landscaped Bendigo garden.

03 Aug 2015
Curved stone walls

This outer Bendigo landscaping project (Big Hill, Central VIC) is an excellent example of a large garden renovation that is as stunning at night as it is during the day. Dated, old brick steps and large shrubs were removed to open up the area and create a new and exciting entrance space. A mature date palm tree was transported to site and craned into place before the stone works was commenced to contribute to the look and the feel that it has been there for decades, while the rest of the garden grew up around it. The stunning stone walls were built using Wistow stone and sawn cappers, while the paving consisted of bluestone setts and sawn Bluestone pavers and gravel paving. The steps were formed by custom sawn Bluestone slabs, creating a pathway that is both memorable and functional. To create a space that can be enjoyed and shown off day and night, subtle strip lights were installed in the bluestone steps, while the sandstone walls are up-lit by small lights installed in the gravel paths.

03 Aug 2015
Swim-spa pool with Oyster marble copping and paving

This 1880s cottage property in Central Bendigo is an excellent example of current urban garden design that maximises space and intimacy. An inaccessible parking space at the rear of the property was converted into a tiered pool area. Dated concrete pavers and walls were removed and replaced with a sandstone wall and steps using specially selected Yapeen sandstone. This design helps retain the privacy of the pool area. To create both a safe space as well as a functional one, a glass pool fence was built onto the stone wall. A tall custom made boundary fence was installed to ensure privacy from any neighbours and to screen the pool from the nearby laneway. To contrast the sandstone, 300 x 300 oyster marble sawn pavers in a stacked pattern were used to surround the pool. An al fresco patio area with oyster marble random paving completes the area. One of the special aspects of this garden space is the customised lighting. Garden lights are wired to four separate circuits and controlled by a hand held remote, allowing you many different lighting choices creating intimate areas or party modes.

03 Aug 2015
Low feature wall

Constructed over several years, this large Central Victoria landscape project incorporates many different design features that all contribute to making one of the most stunning outdoor spaces. A minimalistic planting design was envisioned, with only about 15 plant species being used, creating a beautifully simple arrangement of colours and textures. In line with our vision of sustainable and efficient garden designs, a drip line irrigation system was installed to minimize water evaporation and ensure water is delivered directly to the plants’ roots. Wistow stone was used heavily, including fence pillars and an extremely impressive archway. An imposing fireplace that incorporates an oven was created using a mixture of Wistow stone and decorative iron from Taits of Castlemaine. Several retaining walls and feature walls were designed and installed to help separate the different areas of the garden, including the tennis court and pool. Large Greystone paving surrounds the pool, which allows sweeping views to the nearby river. Large slabs of Pyrenees slate were used for the paved area and the individually sawn steps. The combination of green hedges and Lilydale topping gravel surfaces help create a classically inspired area that would fit right in a Mediterranean garden. Ornamental pears were planted to help create privacy and block views of the nearby road. The incorporation of rusted iron planting boxes and edging supplied by the client create a stunning contrast of old and new.

03 Aug 2015
Semi-formal cool climate garden

This very large semi-rural garden located on the outskirts of Ballarat in Central Victoria exemplifies our belief of creating garden spaces that match the client brief, as well as the gardens micro-climate. The garden incorporates large areas of random sawn bluestone paving, while the many curved retainer walls are constructed from large bluestone spalls, all reclaimed from an old, abandoned quarry. The grey bluestone provides a two-fold purpose: blending in with the natural light during the cooler winter months, while helping provide a cooling affect during the hot Central Victorian summers. All the plants in this garden were chosen to suit the specific climate of the Ballarat area. A large steel and timber pergola was designed and installed to train ornamental grape vines to provide summer shade and allow winter sunshine to flood the paved area. To create balance and harmony with the different slopes and contours of the property, several retaining walls were installed. This also helped to create contrasting heights and spaces within the garden. An environmentally friendly customised irrigation system was installed that uses water pumped from the property’s spring-fed dam.

03 Aug 2015
Stone work complemented by reclaimed hardwood screen

Located just outside Bendigo this Central Victorian landscape project highlights the use of stone and recycled materials.

Castlemaine Slate random stone paving and Yandoit sandstone spalls were specifically chosen to complement the newly constructed hardwood decking and recycled timber screen. This combination creates a very peaceful and tranquil outdoor lounge area to relax and unwind in and a vantage point to look out over the nearby river. In line with our philosophy of creating as little waste as possible, discarded stone from the main wall project were used to create the pillars for the entrance gate, the incorporation of rustic vintage steel farm gates by the owner helps bring the entire space together.

03 Aug 2015
Stone construction residential

Located near Bendigo in Central Victoria, this gorgeous native garden highlights the effective use of reclaimed materials and efficient water retention.

Materials were recycled from a variety of sources, such as rocks and stones from previous excavation projects and top soil from sub-division site cuts. The pebble mulch and rocks used, along with the careful selection of suitable plants create a fire-wise garden where there is minimal combustible material. This creates a space that is both attractive and safe during the warmer months.

This garden is also special in that it uses several different water saving measures – perfect for low rainfall areas. The incorporation of a 14mm pebble mulch to the garden beds and permeable gravel surfaces to the pathways ensures that all rain water is absorbed into the topsoil. Rainwater is directed from the pathways and the roadway into the garden beds and excess water is then collected into a series of Agy-drains and along with water from the house roof is filtered through a “rain garden” to the lower pond. A pump system allows water to be pumped from the lower pond to either the garden beds via the dripper system or to the upper pond to cascade back through the series of ponds, ensuring that no water goes to waste. To maximise efficiency, a dripper system has been installed to irrigate the garden beds and minimize evaporation ensuring all plants receive water directly to their root system. All of these features help to create an extremely drought tolerant garden that requires little to no supplementary watering.